Tower Records 2013 Rilakkuma Live Stage

I recently received a package from Ariel and I was so happy when it showed up at my doorstep ^_^ Back in July, I asked her to help me get the Tower Records Rilakkuma Live Stage set and it was so nice of her to help yay~ 20130929-010431.jpgMy daughter had to get her hands on the package… She wanted to rip it open lol

At first I really wanted to get the three separate plushes but then when I saw that the stage and the plushes looked very similar, I knew I had to get the stage set! 20130929-012205.jpg
Also since July had so many rilakkuma releases, I had to limit myself to only choosing one or the other and I chose the awesome stage set >_<

Tada!! I absolutely love it~20130929-010612.jpgThanks again to Ariel ^__^ for the little gifts, they are so kawaii! 20130929-010750.jpgThe stage and the plushes are very well made. Even though the plushes are smaller than the regular sized ones, they details on them are still very amazing.20130929-010859.jpgOne of the reasons why I really really really like this set might be because of this lightning bolt design. I am a fan of The Killers and their recent album Battle Born bears the similar lighting bolt design. This little detail just reminded me of them and I love it >_<20130929-011104.jpgThe Killer’s latest album design with the lightning bolt.20130929-011845.jpgRilakkuma and his red guitar, kuma shaped of course. He’s wearing a cool studded black vest! In the regular sizes plush version, he has a removable green pom pom hair, and I wish they did the same with the stage version, but without it he is still rocking 20130929-014219.jpgKorilakkuma has a shiny microphone and a pink strawberry guitar, looking sweet but cool at the same time. She is wearing a black studded hat and a black stud armband, so stylish. The sparkly microphone caught my attention for sure, there’s a gold kuma logo on it too! 20130929-014728.jpgLast but not least is Kiiroitori rocking that green pom pom hair! It’s amazingly soft >_< he’s also wearing a black studded vest and holding a kiiroitori shaped guitar! Too cute, he is holding himself lol20130929-015758.jpgSide view to see the awesome band. Rilakkuma’s cute paw is waving to the fans!!20130929-021522.jpgThe whole stage is lined with the yellow trim resembling studs. The stage is also kuma shaped and the RIlAKKUMA in the background is spelled out in stud form as well.20130929-021625.jpgTag art~ it’s attached to the yellow tag in the back of the stage and reads Rilakkuma X Tower Records Rilakkuma Live Stage Plush20130929-020436.jpgHere is the Tower Records Rilakkuma shopping bag, it’s the art that this plush set is based on ^_^ it’s so nice to get the shopping bag, I really like collecting these because they are so special! Since I cannot visit the physical stores to purchase the goodies, at least the bags make up for the shopping experience hehe.20130929-020347.jpgAnd finally, the lovely Ariel included some kawaii gifts for me ^__^ I noticed the kiiroitori keychain has the same expression as the one on the stage set lol. The Rilakkuma figure is so cute too!20130929-021200.jpgOverall, I think this Live Stage is very nicely done! I love it so much!



  1. Ahh this set is so amazing and detailed!! Definitely love the little golden bear on Korilakkuma’s mic, and Rilakkuma’s paw up, awww… the Tower Records collaboration this year really did not disappoint! Super cute that they have a similar lightning bolt motif to the Killers new album too haha.

    1. Tower Records sure doesn’t disappoint! They keep making them better and better. Last year’s British rock band was pretty awesome already but they managed to top it off this year!

      I really love all the details on this set ^__^ I am glad I got the stage~

  2. Yes last year was great (Kii had like a beatles thing going on) but this year was so cute! Glad you could get it and I remember you saying you collected the bags, what did last years look like? You’ve gotta come to Japan so you can be in Rilakkuma paradise.

    1. I try to collect all the bags but I wasn’t able to get last years :( so I was really glad I got this year’s bag >_< I would love to go to Japan, hopefully my plan to visit in March will happen!! I need to be in Rilakkuma paradise hehehe

  3. Awesome! Congrats on your haul! They’re so adorable! :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^

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