I recently received a package from Ariel and I was so happy when it showed up at my doorstep ^_^ Back in July, I asked her to help me get the Tower Records Rilakkuma Live Stage set and it was so nice of her to help yay~ My daughter had to get her hands on […]

Here is the other set I just got! This set was released on September 7th for the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store anniversary. The theme for the anniversary store plushies seems to have quite a few Japanese cultural references. I appreciate the cute designs of the plush even though I don’t know too much about the references. […]

Yay I got a package in the mail today, it feels like its been a while since since any rilakkuma arrived at my doorstep! My seller is too efficient and she has already send me this Umeda Store Anniversary Happy (Medetai) Plush that came out a few days ago on September 14th available at all […]

Continuing with the wonderland theme, here is a mini marching band! I got this recently but never got the chance to post pictures because my daughter was sick this past week :( she had a fever and developed a rash after… as a first time parent it was very hard for me to see her […]

May I present the lovely Rilakkumarching Band~The marching band plushies are a regular release in San-X’s July catalog. Don’t they just look adorable in their red uniforms ^_^ Fun little detail about these plushies is that their tails are all different colors! Except Kiiroitori. First up is Trumpet Rilakkuma – he is laying down holding […]

~First post on WordPress~ I got this in the mail and I am beaming with excitement as I open this lovely package! My first Rilakkuma Cardboard Box!!! Lol I don’t know why I am so excited about a box, but I love it! O yea, and I am excited about the stuff inside the box […]

The wonderland float set is sold out already! I was trying to purchase some exclusives on the San-X Net Shop an hour ago and it was took extremely long to load everything on that webpage. I am sure that’s because everyone was trying to purchase the float set! I was only trying to purchase the […]

I went to Anime Expo, an anime convention Los Angeles, during the 4th of July weekend and it was a blast! What made it the best Anime Expo ever was because I saw this guy’s cosplay!! It as totally awesome. For those of you who don’t known who he is cosplaying, it’s the anime show/manga […]

I finally got this in the mail!  More like a week ago hehehe,  I just never had time to take pictures of them.  This is absolutely adorable and the details on this set is just amazing as always.  I pre-ordered this set early this year and now it’s finally released.  This was also my first […]

So after using a few bath bombs, I decided it’s time to dig out this Bath time set.  These three were all special releases of July 2012.  If my memory is right… I think Rilakkuma was a Kiddyland exclusive, Korilakkuma was a Caravan exclusive, and Kiiroitori was a Rilakkuma Store exclusive.  Front view of everyone! […]